About us.

Althia Capital Advisors Inc., a member of Morgan & Morgan group, with Investment Advisor License No. 728-15 of November 24 of 2015, issued by the Superintendency of Securities Market of Panama. We are specialized on investment advisory for private or business customers, residents outside of the Republic of Panama that require assistance in financial guidance of its assets in one or several banks and/or broker-dealer, centralizing investment decisions, getting a professional, personalized and discreet service tailored to the needs of the customer, as well educating the client, in a sophisticated way, on matters of investment and securities.

Our founders and team are professionals with years of experience in banking and finance in an international level and they have created a network of important contacts and confidence that has allowed to develop a customer base to fulfill their corporate and economic objectives.


Althia Capital Advisors Inc., is engaged in and from the Republic of Panama to perform the business activity of:

  • Securities investment advisory, involving an analysis of price and security risk or the advisability of investing, purchase, subscribe, sell, redeem or hold securities in the client portfolios.
  • Manage custody accounts, securities and customer assets held in banks and / or broker-dealers on a discretionary or non-discretionary.
  • Prepare and publish studies and financial reports.
  • Financial advisory services relating to a wide variety of financial instruments such as bonds, equities, stocks, mutual funds, investment companies, derivatives, among others.
  • Our technological infrastructure allows our advisors a direct and secure connection with the custodians from anywhere in the world, complying at all times with the regulations in which it is located.


Customers and investors residents living abroad who for some reason or another want to receive investment advice of authorized professionals supervised by the Superintendency of Securities Market of Panama, and prefer to keep their investment accounts and custody with banks or broker-dealers which they already work for years, or clients who want to diversify their investment accounts and custody among several banks or broker-dealers but may require a single investment advisor to help them with their investment strategy holistically.


  • +507 6781 8475
  • +507 208 7144
  • +507 265 7601
  • mail@althiaca.com
  • MMG Tower Piso 21 Avenida Paseo del Mar Costa del Este Panama

Entity Regulated and Supervised by the Superintendency of Securities of the Republic of Panama. License to operate as investment advisor SMV No.728-15 Resolution of November 24, 2015.